Round Rock ISD hosts vaccine sites for all kids 5 to 11

Round Rock ISD is making moves to vaccinate those 5 to 11 against COVID-19.

This week they’re hosting free COVID-19 vaccine sites to all kids who are eligible:

On Monday hundreds of kids between five and 11 lined up to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at the Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex. 

"Got it right on my left arm, didn’t really hurt and I got it super quick. It just hurts for a second and then it’s fine," said Round Rock ISD sixth grader Braden Betts.

Betts was one of the more then 500 kids who got their first dose on Monday. "My school gets really crowded sometimes so if I get vaccinated I’ll feel more safe in the halls with a bunch of people," said Betts.

The temporary clinic organized was by Round Rock ISD and Martin’s Pharmacy. 

"This is to help with our transition to go back in-person. This is to get as many kids back in school because they learn so much better when they’re back in school," said RRISD director of risk management George Scherer.

Round Rock ISD has about 20,000 students the fall into that 5 to 11 age range so the district is hoping clinics like this will make a dent in that population before the end of the year.

The shots aren’t exclusive to students within the district; the clinics are open to anyone who falls within the 5 to 11 age range and costs nothing but time. 

"We’ve got about 2400 doses for this four day period starting Monday, about 600 shots a day hopefully," said Jim Martin the owner of Martin’s Pharmacy.

If you’re not able to attend this week's clinics, the school district said they plan to host some after Thanksgiving. 

They will also be back in December in order to give the second dose to those like Betts who got their first dose this week.

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