San Marcos police looking for man behind burglaries at apartment complex

Police are looking for the man behind a string of burglaries at a San Marcos apartment complex.

Residents at the Village on Telluride say last Sunday, an unknown man walked into multiple homes. 

"It's about 5 something in the morning on Sunday and I wake up because here my bedroom door creaking open, all my lights are off," said burglary victim Jennifer Quintanar.

Quintanar, who lives with two roommates at The Villages on Telluride, said she thought the person was one of her roommates’ friends. 

"He walks towards me and sits at a chair next to my bed, and I just keep asking him, like, what is he doing here, why is he here?" Quintanar said.

Quintanar said she was able to get a closer look, and realized she was talking to an intruder.

"He just runs out of my room, runs out of my apartment. All the bedrooms are upstairs, so I kind of like chase him out to the hallway to see who he is, but I just see the back of him," Quintanar said.

Jennifer said he got away with car keys and a cell phone, She immediately notified her roommates, San Marcos police, the apartment complex and the apartment group chat that she is a part of. 

"People were sending information and security camera footage of that guy, and he was going to different houses trying to get in and see what doors were locked," Quintanar said.

Cody Moreno lives a few doors down, and he says he experienced the same intruder on the same day.


"We were chilling in the kitchen, and out of nowhere we just see some guy walk into our apartment, and we have no idea who he is," Moreno said.

Cody said he told the man he had the wrong house and ask him to leave.

"He was persistent on staying inside, he kept on saying is so and so name here, whenever there is no one name like that in our house, after that we just got him by the shoulders, and we just kicked him out of our apartment," Moreno said.

Quintanar said the apartment complex sent out an email to residents after learning about the burglary. 

"Just kind of saying like be careful, lock your doors, they are trying to enforce more security, and now there is going to be security patrolling seven days a week," Quintanar said.

Jennifer says she did file police report, and police are still searching for a suspect.