San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter receives over 100 roosters, hens from Hays County

(San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter / FOX 7 Austin)

The San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter needs your help. 

According to a post on the animal shelter's Facebook, they received more than 100 roosters and hens from Hays County on Tuesday, November 19.

The shelter is in need of donations to help with the unexpected poultry intake. 

"As you can expect, we weren’t ready for this number of animals all at once, and need your help collecting extra kennels to keep them separated, as well as chicken feed and disposable trays or pans to keep them fed.," the animal shelter said on Facebook. "If you are able to help us out, all donations will be collected at our shelter. We will keep you updated on the process here on Facebook, and thank you for all of your support."

The San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter is asking for kennels, chicken feed, and disposable trays.

All donations can be brought to the San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter.



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