San Marcos students moving into apartment complex find conditions "not livable"

Just as soon as residents at The Junction in San Marcos moved in, multiple people FOX 7 talked to said they are ready to move out because of the living conditions.

When Amaris Cedillo moved on Friday, she found roaches already making themselves at home.

"I just felt like super ashamed that, I don't know, that this was going to be where I was going to live, and I felt like I had no other options because I paid my rent and I have renter's insurance," said Cedillo. 

Across the hall, Elizabeth and her mom Jen said they discovered unfriendly reminders of tenant's past.

"The bathtub had literally a six-inch wad of hair in the drain, and the bottom of the bathtub was completely black," said Jen. "We had to use a fork to dig the hair out just so that the bathtub would drain." 

Jen said she's waiting on maintenance to fix the air conditioning and get a key.

Amaris said she’s found missing baseboards and water damage.

Both said they have mold.

"I mean it was just a nasty place when I moved in, and it was just not livable," said Elizabeth.

These residents, in addition to several others FOX 7 talked to, said this is not the condition the showroom was in, and it's not what they agreed to when they signed the lease.

"I don't know how anyone could ever live in that," said Elizabeth. "I don't know how anyone could ever lease to someone with it being like that. I just don't get it."


Elizabeth and Amarise said management told them they would look at fixing it.

"I don't know if that will happen because really it should have been fixed before they moved in," said Jen.

Amaris said the conditions here are past the point of fixing.

Now she wants answers and action.

"I would like them to provide housing for people and refund us our money, like housing that is actually livable," said Cedillo.

Amaris and Elizabeth said they're looking for other places to live, all hours before starting new jobs and school.

FOX 7 asked to speak with the complex. They did not want to comment.