San Marcos 'can ban' goes into effect May 1

On May 1, San Marcos' "can ban" will go into effect, meaning only reusable containers will be allowed on the river. 

The City Council passed the ordinance in February. 

"We're not the party police, we want you to come out and have a good, cost-effective, fun time with your family out here, we just want you to help us keep these parks clean, help keep the river pristine," Christie Murillo, marketing and outreach coordinator for San Marcos Parks and Recreation said. 

Disposable containers, like aluminum cans and plastic cups, won't be allowed on the river or river boundary. That's a "no zone."

They will be allowed in spots not along the river, like at picnic tables. Those are "go zones."

Each person can have a cooler of up to 30 quarts.

If people violate the ordinance, they'll be educated about the rules first. If they don't comply, they could get a citation ranging from $250-$500.

Kenny Munn and Steve Graley visit the river almost weekly from San Antonio. 

"Year-round temperature, cleanliness of the water, and actually the attitude of most people here are fantastic," Graley said about what he enjoys about it. 

They think the ordinance is a good idea and have even helped clean the river. 

"I think it's wonderful, I really do, if only they'd figure out a way to control the people here, it'd be better," Munn said with a laugh.

"That can ban I think will be upsetting to some of the people, but it's going to be good for the environment," Graley said. 


"We're the type of people who will take the time to pick stuff up, and we shouldn't have to police everybody else," Munn said.

Visitors are now more aware of what to bring in the future. 

"I would come ready and prepared with probably a larger one of these," Damaris Castillo, who was visiting from Dallas said, showing her reusable water bottle.

Murillo says the goal is to keep the water clean for generations to come.

"You come out here with your kids, we want the parks to be beautiful, we want the river to be beautiful for your kids when they come when they're older," Murillo said. 

"Pack it in, pack it out," Munn said. 

For more information, as well as a map of the different zones, click here.