Mounted horse patrol coming to Texas State

Texas State will soon be the first university in the state with a mounted horse patrol. The newest members of the force have been training, and will be sworn in at the end of this month.

"It’s new and exciting," Texas State PD Corporal Aleysha Ortiz said.

The two new members of the Texas State University police force just so happen to be horses.

"He’s named after Lyndon B. Johnson," Ortiz said.

"He’s named after John Wayne, the Duke," Texas State PD Corporal Haley McClaran said.

Lyndon B. Johnson and John Wayne, the Duke

Lyndon and Duke came to Texas State in December and met their partners. Ortiz said she didn’t have any experience with horses prior.

"I don’t even know if I can get up there," Ortiz said.

McClaran said she’s worked with horses before but, "not Belgian horses. They’re a giraffe breed, so they’re very large."

She said that’s an advantage when they’re riding around campus.

"I can see way over there," McClaran said.

McClaran said being horseback allows them access to parts of campus a car can’t get to.

"Hopefully we can prevent any crime and, of course, safety," Ortiz said.


As they’ll be interacting with the students at Texas State.

"I believe with these horses, it gives them not a reason, but an inch forward, like oh, let me talk to the horse, and then we can open up and talk, so to bridge that gap is pretty much what we’re wanting to do," Ortiz said.

Ortiz and McClaran said it’s been a lot of work, spending time with the horses every day.

"I feel like I had put my badge and gun to the side and I have my boots and overalls and smell like poop all the time, I’m like yep, this is my life now," Ortiz said.

They train at the Freeman Ranch. Their swearing-in ceremony is at the end of the month.

"They’re held to a standard, so they get that treatment as being, the honor of being a police officer and upholding our laws and protecting our students," McClaran said.

McClaran and Ortiz said they’ll probably start patrolling in the fall.