Several juveniles, adult arrested during riot at League City health facility

Nearly 10 people were arrested during a riot at a health facility in League City on Friday night.

League City Police Department says they arrested nine people, eight juveniles and one adult, at Devereux Advanced Behavior Health.

The facility, located on 1150 Devereux Dr., is a residential behavioral treatment and recovery center treating emotional, behavioral or cognitive issues for teens and young adults.

The charges include rioting, assault, and damages in excess of $30,000.

League City Fire Department say they responded to a fire alarm at the health facility. When crews arrived, they discovered a small disturbance in building four and that a large disturbance was taking place in building five.

League City Police Department patrol officers responded and met with Devereux officials who stated that patients in a secured building had assaulted Devereux employees and were fighting within the facility.

Officers report seeing people rioting inside the building, broken windows, and furniture being barricaded at doors.

Webster Police Department, Galveston County Sheriff Department and Texas Department of Public Safety showed up to assist in the incident.

At approximately 11:36 p.m., League City officers gained entry to the facility arresting and arrested the nine suspects without injury.

The suspects were charged with Rioting, Assault Causing Bodily Injury, and Criminal Mischief. The adult, Ashley Gonzales, 17, was arrested and booked into League City Jail.


Devereux officials and officers surveyed the damage which included the fire alarm system and was estimated at more than $30,000. The fire marshal stated that the building must remain unoccupied due to the severity of the damages to the fire alarm system.

Since January 2019, League City Police Department has received 459 calls for service at Devereux Advanced Behavior Health facility. The police department has documented 158 criminal incidents during this time with a report.