Shelter dog once deemed 'unadoptable' joins in rescue work in storm damaged Texas

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He went from being a dog nobody wanted to the front lines of helping in the search and rescue efforts in storm ravaged Texas.

A former shelter dog from Northern California is part of a Bay Area team that's been deployed to Texas to help in those areas hit hardest by Hurricane Harvey.

Rocket was just a puppy when he was found on the streets of Sacramento.

Shelter officials deemed him unadoptable because of his high energy level.

Rocket had just one day left before he was set to be euthanized when a group that trains dogs to help in search efforts during disasters came to his rescue.

The group worked with Rocket, training him to FEMA standards.

He was then paired with the Windsor Fire Protection District's Mike Stornetta.

"It's an amazing story," Stornetta told KTVU. 

"You take an animal that some people might consider worthless... you take that animal and give that animal a job and they go from worthless to absolutely priceless," the firefighter said.

Stornetta points out that Rocket's high energy is an asset in their line of work.

On Monday, Stornetta and his dog arrived in San Antionia ready to work.