Parents relieved to be safely reunited with kids following shooting at Northeast ECHS

Northeast Early College High School parents are relieved after being safely reunited with their kids, following Tuesday’s lockdown stemming from the shooting of an Austin ISD Police sergeant. 

Around 1:50 p.m., once the lockdown was lifted, school officials began what they called a "controlled release" of students from Northeast High School to the nearby Delco Activity Center. Austin Police say there were four buses making eight trips each that shuttled students to the Delco Center.

Students waited inside the Delco gymnasium, as family members began to arrive to pick them up. Because of the sheer volume of students, many parents found themselves stuck in traffic that was backed up well down Manor Road. Once they arrived and parked, many family members stood in line once again, waiting for word that their student had arrived.

"It is kind of frustrating, but at least I already know she's alive, not waiting to find a dead body. So I’m feeling okay," said Lydia Chavez, who was waiting in line for her niece to arrive. "Oh, I was so relieved that she was okay. I know she's probably scared in her head, but I know she's okay in her heart."

Northeast High School mother Shay Galloway says it was agonizing having to wait several hours after hearing about the shooting, to pick up her son.

"My best friend had to tell me to calm down, to get my mind right, because all I was thinking was to come get my child. That's the only thing," said Galloway.

Around 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Austin ISD announced that all students had made it to the Delco Center. Students whose families were not able to pick them up were transported home by bus.


"Oh, goodness, your heart’s pounding," said Rebecca Magallan, who was reunited with her daughter. "And to hear her say ‘mom’, it was like, ‘oh, my baby, come on.’ Oh, my god. I was happy to be able to do that."

On Tuesday night, Austin ISD announced that Northeast Early College High School canceled classes and after-school activities for Wednesday, Dec. 6. However, the campus will still be open during normal hours, meals will be available, and buses will be running normally in the morning and afternoon.