'Skeletal' Husky mix, newborn puppies recover at SPCA

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Photo: SPCA for Monterey County 

A new Husky-mix mom has been reunited with her puppies after a heartbreaking ordeal. 

SPCA officers responded to the 600 block of Dallas Avenue after reports of an emaciated, injured Husky-mix and black terrier with a wound on its back living in horrible conditions. 

When officers arrived they found the terrier was OK, but the Husky was in bad shape as she nursed a litter of eight newborn puppies. According to the SPCA for Monterey County, the Husky was "skeletal," and was limping on her front leg. "The puppies were sleeping on a cold, wet carpet lying under the camper shell that was propped up on milk crates. The house and the yard was hoarded with belongings piled up everywhere making the conditions dangerous for the dogs including sharp objects, hazardous chemicals and trash scattered all over."

As officers confronted the dogs' owners, they left the area with the Husky-mix mom and terrier. They left the newborn puppies behind. 

The SPCA seized the puppies, which are said to be Husky/lab mixes. SPCA officials believe the puppies were born Sunday.  

The puppies were in need of their mom for their best chance of survival. After more than 24 hours apart, the SPCA had tracked down the female Husky and she was reunited with her puppies. Beth Brookhouser with the SPCA tells KTVU, "She was really excited as soon as she saw them. We took the puppies to her, she licked them, and then she immediately laid down and showed them her belly so they could nurse. Whenever I've peeked in on her, she's either been nursing, grooming her puppies, or sleeping."

Brookhouser expects the puppies, along with their mom, to be ready for adoption in about eight weeks. 

The owner of the dogs could be charged and the case is under investigation.