Sleet falls across Central Texas, one year after snow weekend

From Pflugerville to the Hill Country, Texans were greeted with a taste of winter on Tuesday. "I was not expecting it, I usually check the temperature outside and it was 50 degrees and I don’t expect any frozen precipitation outside at that temperature," said Zachary Toliver who lives in Pflugerville.

Toliver was quick to record the sleet that fell from the sky and landed on his outdoor furniture. "I didn’t think anyone would believe me. It finally gave me a sense of it being winter after such a warm December kind of felt like spring in a way so it was good to see that we are having a winter this year somewhat."

While this winter weather was sprinkled in with the rain on Tuesday it wasn’t cold enough for any of it to stick but it was enough to remind people about the winter weather the area saw last year.

Around this time last year, several inches of snow blanketed the area. Many were quick to take advantage of the winter surprise which lasted only a weekend, sledding attempts could be seen on all types of hills no matter how big or small.  "We just went outside with the dogs a threw snowballs and had fun," said Toliver.

Not all the Winter weather in 2021 was enjoyable, as a month later the area was frozen solid for nearly a week in February something Toliver said he still thinks about today. "I do get flashbacks of that happening again but as long as the power doesn’t go out I’m super excited to see winter weather all the time."

Toliver is hopeful to see more winter weather following Tuesday’s sleet just so long as it doesn’t cause problems.

Snow sweeps through Central Texas
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