State of Disaster declared in Texas following statewide George Floyd protests

On May 31, Gov. Greg Abbott declared a State of Disaster for all Texas counties following  George Floyd protests that erupted across the state on Saturday and Sunday. 

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The disaster declaration will authorize all federal agents to act as Texas Peace Officers during the continuing protests. A press release from the governor's office says the declaration comes in the midst of violent protests that endanger public safety and threaten property loss and damage. 

"Every Texan and every American has the right to protest and I encourage all Texans to exercise their First Amendment rights," said Governor Abbott.  "However, violence against others and the destruction of property is unacceptable and counterproductive. As protests have turned violent in various areas across the state, it is crucial that we maintain order, uphold public safety, and protect against property damage or loss. By authorizing additional federal agents to serve as Texas Peace Officers we will help protect people’s safety while ensuring that peaceful protesters can continue to make their voices heard."