Storms send large influx of animals to area shelters

The storms this week have caused some flooding problems along rivers and lakes.

There's also a flood at animal shelters because people's pets get scared by the weather and run off.

It's raining cats and dogs quite literally, with the thunderstorms pummeling through the area, it has left many pets and strays afraid.

"Dogs panic and they jump out of their backyards. They don't stay home when they get startled," said Lauralei Combs, Spokesperson, Austin Animal Shelter

Over 200 animals have flooded the AAC over the past week, and right now 70 dogs do not have a kennel to sleep in.

"We have mostly large dogs that get out because people tend to leave them outdoors. It's better if they're an indoor pet with tags on, and microchips up to date. We always want our pets with us, especially in this type of weather," said Combs.

"All of my dogs are rescues. My dog Magnus, which could be this dog's twin, ended up in a shelter for probably the same reason," said Christopher McElhatton, Supervisor, AAC.

Mark Revis lost his cat this week, and says his daughters are desperate to find the pet. He declined to speak on camera, but after searching through the hallways, he found out his cat was not at the AAC. He still has hope and will check other shelters.

"If you are missing your pet, please come to Austin animal center, there's a good chance they will be here, they're going to completely wave the fees. If you need tags, if you need a microchip, you need a collar, we give those to you absolutely free," said Combs.

Combs says with more rain expected, more animals could be come pouring in. Most of the dogs and cats they are receiving are brought by good Samaritans.

"We cannot be a no-kill community without the community's effort. So we're looking forward to everyone coming down and getting their pets or looking for them today," said Combs.

Just a reminder the center is open each day from 11 a.m. until 7.If you see a stray animal be cautious in your approach, or just call animal control.