Students Throw Surprise Party for School Custodian to Show How Much They Care

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Longtime elementary school custodian, Mr. Patton, takes great pride in his work. 


These students surprised their longtime elementary school custodian with a party to show their appreciation for all his hard work.

In a video posted by Kleenex, Mr. Patton explained how he takes pride in his work every day at a Nashville elementary school.

“It’s really important for kids to go to a clean school,” he said.

The entire school planned a surprise party for the custodian to show their appreciation.

They told him that there was a spill in the gymnasium but when he walked in, all the children cheered for him.

When the school, along with Kleenex, gave him a check for $1,000, Mr. Patton was overcome with emotion.

Kleenex’s “Messages of Care” campaign shares the personal stories of people all over the country who could use a tissue during emotional times in their lives.

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