Caught on camera: Multiple businesses on Research Blvd broken into

Several business owners got a rude awakening on Sunday morning after their shops were broken into. It is a problem they say has happened before. 

On April 21, around 5:48 a.m., at D&M Insurance on Research Boulevard in Northwest Austin, a suspect was caught on surveillance video throwing a cinderblock through the door. He jumped over the counter and rummaged through the office but didn't take anything. 

"They went through all our desks there, went through everything. You know, you feel violated. This is our space. This is our business," David Chalambaga, co-owner at D&M Insurance said. 

A cinderblock was also thrown through the front of the nail salon next door. 


A couple of businesses down, cameras at Austin's Automotive Specialists captured a similar pattern at about 5:37 a.m. A suspect broke the windows of shop bay doors, which have since been replaced. 

The suspect also rummaged through the front desk but didn't take anything. 

"Waking up at five in the morning, having to drive down here to deal with police and police reports is definitely not how I want to spend my Sunday morning," Forrest Parton, shop manager at Austin's Automotive Specialists, said. 

This isn't the first time either business has been broken into. 

D&M Insurance added cameras because of previous incidents. The auto shop replaced their windows with tougher glass, and they're planning to have a landscaping company remove rocks outside. 


"I really hope APD can pick him up and make sure that there are some consequences for his actions because this hurts these businesses, not just financially. My technicians, if they're not feeling safe, I'm not doing my job. So I want to make sure they feel safe, people around me feel safe, obviously, my customers feel safe, so we did go through great lengths to make sure we're nice and secure," Parton said. 

The APD Incident Database showed seven burglary reports on April 21 on Research Boulevard, though not all of them are necessarily related. Businesses say it's an ongoing issue in the area.

"Sooner or later, I think that they'll get caught, you know? That life of crime, a life like that is just going to lead to something worse," Chalambaga said.

Anyone with any information may submit a tip anonymously through the Capital Area Crime Stoppers Program by visiting or calling 512-472-8477.