Students write letters of thanks to soldiers

The 4th of July brings out the patriotism in all of us. A local pre-school is teaching some young Americans what that means and taking a moment to thank those who maintain our freedom.

Primrose School in Pflugerville was decked out in red, white and blue Monday. Kiddoes showed their patriotism in a parade around the campus and, like many of us, looked ahead to the holiday.

School franchise owner, Anna Thompson thought she would make a lesson out of the 4th of July using the month's theme of citizenship.

Students learned a bit about our military and put crayon to paper.

"We're saying thank you how we appreciate how they saved us,” said one student.

Students a little too young to write created artwork.

The creations will be packaged together for A Million Thanks. The non-profit collects messages of appreciation from the public and distributes them to military past and present.

"It felt like a good fit for us. We love thinking about gratitude and it seemed like a way we could talk about thanking them for the service and that lines up with what their mission is of recognizing service members and making them feel like we know they are there and we appreciate what they are doing,” said Anna Thompson.

"When they mentioned it in a meeting we had, I was like, ‘wow that's awesome.’ To me that's awesome,” said assistant teacher Shelby Lasker.

Assistant teacher Shelby Lasker's boyfriend just deployed to North Korea. He will be gone for nine months.

"I think he'd be proud. He'd be thankful also because they go there. They do all this stuff and a lot of times they don't think they're appreciated but little things like this, training kids to do that it shows a lot of appreciation,” said Lasker.

With such sweet faces behind these notes, they’re sure to do what little Andrew hopes for, "I drew this to make them happy."