Suspect charged with kidnapping friend's older sister

A 24-year-old has been arrested and charged with aggravated kidnapping, a first-degree felony after he had physically assaulted the older sister of his friend and forced her into his car. The suspect then brought the victim to his house in southeast Austin and wouldn't allow her to leave until police officers arrived. 

Police were dispatched to the home after a friend of the victim called dispatch for a welfare check around 12:30 a.m. on Wednesday, February 12. When officers arrived on the scene, the victim was crying, very distraught and only wearing a bra and underwear.

Police officers also noted she had visible injuries, including heavy bruising from her toes to her knees on both legs, bruising to her hands and inside of her upper arms, swelling to her face and lip, bruising under her right eye and some slight bleeding from her mouth.  

Despite it being cold and raining, the victim quickly exited the house. 

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Officers spoke with the suspect, Alejandro Ruiz, who told police officers that the victim was his girlfriend. Ruiz told officers that he had picked her up from her home earlier that night and that the two had gotten into an argument about text messages. Ruiz claimed that when he attempted to leave, the victim became physical with him and forced herself into his car. 

When officers asked Ruiz how the victim got her injuries, he claimed the victim was intoxicated and fell down several times as well as ran into a wall. Police officers also noted in the affidavit the Ruiz was very condescending with them and irritated with their questions. 

The victim told police officers that she was not and never has been in a dating or intimate relationship with Ruiz. She also said that she only knows Ruiz as her little brother's friend, according to the affidavit. According to the victim, she had texted Ruiz around 4 p.m. asking him if he could bring her some marijuana. Ruiz did not message her back so the victim went downtown with some friends. 

Around 8 p.m., the victim took an Uber home. When she arrived at her house, she said Ruiz was waiting for her and that he was intoxicated and angry that she had not texted him back earlier. The victim told police that she went into her house after Ruiz got angry and grabbed her cellphone from her.

Ruiz followed her into her home without her consent and grabbed her. 

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Ruiz then forcefully pulled the victim outside and began to drag her towards his vehicle. The victim attempted to hit Ruiz to get away but was unable. According to the victim, Ruiz was pulling her by her pants, which were nylon tights. The tights were pulled off her body, along with her shoes, while Ruiz was forcing her into his vehicle. The victim said she was left in just her underwear, bra, and a tank top. 

The victim attempted to get out of the vehicle and continued to yell and beg with Ruiz as he drove her to his house. 


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Once at his house, Ruiz grabbed the victim by her hair and forced her into the home. At the house, the victim was forced into Ruiz's bedroom. The victim could hear Ruiz talking to his aunt and another man in the house and they were telling him to let her go. The aunt brought the victim some ice for her face, which was swollen.

The victim asked Ruiz to let her text her friend to let her know she was okay. Ruiz agreed but said he would take the phone back immediately after. While in the bathroom, the victim texted her friend that she was in trouble and attempted to call 911. Ruiz caught the victim and made her disconnect the call. 

Shortly after, police officers arrived at the house to perform a welfare check. 

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24-year-old Alejandro Ruiz was arrested and charged with aggravated kidnapping. His bond was set at $40,000.