Suspect dies following officer-involved shooting in Pflugerville

An investigation is underway after a suspect died following an officer-involved shooting in Pflugerville.

The Pflugerville Police Department says the person was shot at a home on Lanark Loop, near Bishopsgate Drive, in the Windermere neighborhood which is not far from Windermere Elementary School.

Officials say police responded to the scene around midnight after getting several disturbance calls from people in the area. The callers told police that a person who lived at the home on Lanark Loop had a gun and was actively breaking down the door.

Police say officers arrived around 12:04 a.m. and a few minutes later the suspect, who police say was armed, was shot by a Pflugerville police officer.

The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.

Pflugerville Police are not confirming exactly what led up to the shooting, but according to CLEAT the suspect answered the door with a rifle pointed at the officer and didn’t comply with the officer’s commands, leading the officer to fire their weapon. 

No one else was injured, but neighbors are understandably shaken. FOX 7 spoke with a woman, Norma, who walks her dog along the road where the shooting happened and she says she’s never seen anything like this. 

"We walk this route. It’s about a mile, mile and a half every morning. It’s a very quiet neighborhood. It’s safe. I’ve never felt not safe in this space," said Norma, who lives down the street. "It was odd. You can see the cars as you’re coming down Bishopsgate. It’s weird because it’s something we’ve never seen before so it was strange to me."

Still, Norma says she will continue to walk in this neighborhood and tells us she always remains vigilant.

"I still feel safe because in today’s world things happen everywhere," said Norma. "It is sad because I think that we’re in a stressful time and people need people to talk to and they don’t have it. That hurts because neighbors don’t talk to neighbors either, and I will admit that I don’t know my neighbors that well. So you don’t know and it’s troubling. I think that makes situations like this more frequent."

The medical examiner arrived at the home shortly before 7:00 Wednesday morning. They removed the body from the home and are transporting it for an autopsy.

The Texas Rangers and the Travis County District Attorney's Office's Public Integrity Unit are leading the investigation.

Officials say there is body camera video and a review of the video will be part of the investigation.

The officer who shot the suspect has been placed on administrative leave as is protocol with officer-involved shootings.


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