Body discovered in Northeast Austin apartment; police investigating

Austin police are investigating a suspicious death at an apartment complex in Northeast Austin.

As people came home from work Monday evening, they were shocked to see caution tape, police officers, and homicide investigators blocking off their homes.

It’s Halloween night and the scene looked the part, but it wasn’t decoration.

Our FOX 7 Austin team translated Mr. Roger Mendez’s interview, an Austin resident who has friends living across the street from the incident.

"If it were me and my kids, I would stay home and not trick or treat because the area is dangerous," Mendez said.

Austin police received a call at around 10:25 a.m. on Oct. 31 from the Cameron Apartment Homes off McKie Drive in Northeast Austin.

"People that live in the apartment, I suggest you be very careful," Mendez said.

Officials said the property manager found a male in his 30s lying in a bathroom dead, in what was supposed to be a vacant apartment.

The man was later identified as Manuel De Jesus Castro-Rosales.

"We don't have a time frame of how long they were there," Austin Police Officer Andrew Horne said.

FOX 7 Austin reached out to the managing agency of the complex to find out how often vacant units are checked and haven’t heard back. This is being investigated by the Homicide Unit as a suspicious death.

"They're still talking to people who were present on scene, but I'm not sure if anyone other than the complainant actually observed the male," Officer Horne said.

The unknown has neighbors worried about their safety.

"In this area, in North Austin, people live in fear of shootings and violence. If you go to the store, you’re in fear of getting assaulted or robbed. This area is dangerous," Mendez said.

They said more needs to be done to help keep them safe.

"I think we need more police presence in the area to patrol the area, so we can avoid situations like this," Mendez said.

Austin police said the method of death is being investigated. If you have any information, call the Austin Police Department Homicide Tip Line at 512-477-3588.