T.A. Brown Elementary School closed indefinitely

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Austin elementary students were told to stay home November 4 as the flooring at their school was deemed unsafe.

The district now says T.A. Brown Elementary will be closed indefinitely.

Florescent signs that say "school closed, do not enter" were posted on every door to T.A. Brown Elementary School in central Austin Friday.

AISD says structural consultants performed an assessment for the district's facility master plan and found concerns with the flooring.

Those problems were put on display as the superintendent held a press conference to address the issue.

"It's not going to be an easy fix. It is not," said Dr. Paul Cruz.

In fact the consultants say repairs would be too dangerous.

"We do not recommend this be repaired at all. It would not be feasible. The damage is to every single beam in some areas affected. It would be a hazard for any contractor to work under there," said Anna Boenig, P.E.

While the districts determine what to do with the campus, Cruz has determined a relocation plan for students.

"What we're looking at is students in pre-k and kindergarten and students in some of our special units will be relocated to Reilly Elementary School. We will have grades one through five relocated to our Allan facility," said Cruz.

That process will begin on Wednesday. The teachers will go with their students. Other staff will be absorbed as well.

A private meeting for parents and staff will be held on Saturday.

Every campus is being assessed. According to an interior assessment that took place at Brown in July, the school received an unsatisfactory rating of 40 on a scale of 100.

That rating has dropped to a 20.

51 out of the 130 campuses we're told have a rating of 50 or less.

No other campus had structural problems like this one.

It is possible Brown will need to be torn down.


You can find the assessment here.