Teen aerialist performs at Typhoon Texas on Labor Day

Thousands of people cooled off this Labor Day at Typhoon Texas in Pflugerville.

"It's hot, and the kids wanted to come," Austin resident Candra Feng said.

They also received a special circus performance featuring a young and gifted aerialist, a local dance group, a clown, and jugglers.

"Schools going back in, summers sort of coming to the end, but we got to go out with a bang, right, so that's why we brought out some big performances," Typhoon Texas General Manager Jessi O'Daniel said.

The main event featured 17-year-old Aidan Bryant. He's only been training for about three years, and he taught himself.

"I saw PINK performing this, and I hung a bedsheet up in my tree and I started practicing and it was so fun to me," Aerialist Aidan Bryant said.

From there he started practicing on silks, then the hoop and hand balancing, and contortion.

"I love performing for these kids, it's crazy. Their expressions make me want to go better and harder moves," Bryant said. "When I'm doing my element and when I'm doing aerial, I just feel so free, and I want to show this off so bad, my facial expressions, I'm singing the music. It's a very fun thing."

The audience was impressed.

"I loved the acrobatics. I was really impressed by the ribbons and everything," Feng said.

"Awesome and fun," Typhoon Texas attendee Lennie Von Quintus said.

Bryant said that's what it's about and has advice for the kids looking up to him.

"Work for what you want," Bryant said. "If you really want it, through all the pain and all the suffers that you go through, it's going to be worth it in the long run."

Typhoon Texas is open this season until Sept. 18. Tickets are available for this season and next.