Texas 10-year-old with terminal cancer sworn in as Round Rock police officer

Houston 10-year-old Devarjaye "DJ" Daniel is battling terminal cancer and he began his dream of being sworn-in by 100 law enforcement agencies in December 2021. 

He's been steadily increasing the number of agencies, at one point even having more than 30 swear him in on one day, and DJ finally reached his goal at the end of January 2022 when he was sworn in by the Houston ISD Police Department

Reaching his goal hasn't stopped him though as DJ continues to raise awareness to childhood cancer after he was diagnosed with brain and spinal cancer three years ago.

On February 16, DJ was sworn in by the Round Rock Police Department. Just a few days prior. DJ was sworn in as an honorary officer with the Aldine ISD Police Department and he's now hit 180 agencies.

DJ grew up watching his military father interact with men and women in uniform. It was in watching them that the nine-year-old grew an admiration for those in uniform and decided he wanted a career in law enforcement. 

DJ's dad Theodis said when DJ hit his goal of 100, "I knew he was going to get to the 100 pretty quick. I know how the community is and law enforcement, like the military for myself. I do appreciate everyone coming out to support him. This is exactly why he has the push to fight harder."

"He knows the severity of his cancer, but he is not letting it set him back or anything," Theodis added.

DJ has been sworn in by agencies of all kinds including the DEA and DPS.

Devarjaye Daniel, 10, battling terminal cancer sworn in as Aldine ISD's honorary police officer
10-year-old Houston cancer patient sworn-in by dozens of law enforcement agencies
10-year-old battling cancer sworn into 100 law enforcement agencies
Houston 9-year-old with terminal cancer hopes to be sworn-in by 100 law enforcement agencies

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