Texas DPS holds recruitment event to combat staff shortage

Law enforcement agencies across the nation are seeing staff shortages.

The Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Veterans Commission, and Workforce Solutions Capital Area hosted a career fair with agencies from the federal, state, and local levels. 

"It's actually good to see this many agencies that come together, and we all have a common goal, and that's to find great qualified applicants to put on the road to serve our communities," said Sgt. Deon Cockrell, with DPS. 

The event drew people like Obed Samah, a veteran from Killeen. 

"I'm looking for something related to what I did in the Army or anything that I qualify for that I will love doing," he said.

Miguel Rebolloso also attended.

"Something I've always wanted to do," he said. "My girlfriend, she works in the Texas DPS, and seeing what she does intrigues me."

DPS is trying to fill 600 positions over the next two years. They say retirements and promotions play a role in the shortage. 

Agencies across the nation are trying to fill positions.

"There's been a shortage. It could be from COVID. It could be from, you know, some of the people that hear some of the good things and bad things about law enforcement," Cockrell said. "The numbers are going down, and we're trying to change that and turn around, so they can help support communities and where they work."


Recruiters say if you're interested in law enforcement, start by getting to know those who serve you.

Potential applicants say they're looking for similar things.

"Job security is one. Secondly, if you get in, you're good to go. There is a chance for growth and all that," Samah said.

"I'm looking for something long term, something that's going to benefit me and my family and security," Rebolloso said.

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