Happy, energetic pup looking for his forever home after four years at Leander shelter

This weekend's FOX 7 Pet of the Weekend is a six-and-a-half year old dog named Darwin from Texas Humane Heroes.

"He's a big boy. He is full of energy, full of life. He is so sweet," Sam with the Texas Humane Heroes said. "He's excited when he's out and about. But he can also go for a good cuddle, just super loving dog overall."

Darwin has been at the shelter since 2018.

"You know, it's very difficult to see their personality when they're in their kennels. The most important thing to do is to get them out into one of our play yards out on a walk to really get to know their personality," said Sam. "Hopefully, you know, Darwin can let his personality shine on one of those walks and you know, we can get him out of here because he doesn't need to spend another year here."

Sam says Darwin would fit best with a family that is committed to keeping him active, so he has an outlet to let his energy out. Someone who likes to hike or someone with a big backyard would be ideal for Darwin.

"He does love water too, so maybe a hike around the lake, things like that. He would really, really appreciate," Sam said.

Darwin is available for adoption at the Texas Humane Heroes Leander Adoption Center. Those interested in adopting him will have the chance to take him for a walk and fill out an application.

Darwin at Texas Humane Heroes