Texas lawmakers tour facilities housing migrant children

Senator John Cornyn will tour a shelter for unaccompanied migrant children in Houston on Tuesday.

There has been a lot of back and forth between Republicans and the Biden administration over this issue, with Republicans calling it a crisis now that the numbers continue to surge of undocumented immigrants coming across.

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The Kay Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas is one of several housing sites for young migrants, and it continues to be in the national spotlight. It’s where many migrant minors are being dropped off and where Senator Ted Cruz got an opportunity to tour on Monday. He claims that 1 in 10 children there are positive for the coronavirus in cramped conditions.

Senator John Cornyn is also set to tour a shelter for unaccompanied minors in Houston and will hold a roundtable discussion afterward, where he will talk about his efforts to develop bipartisan legislation to respond to the crisis.

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Senator Cruz upset by the conditions he witnessed up in Dallas, claims that about 22,000 children are currently being housed there.

"It’s tragic. It is horrific. And the most frustrating thing about it is that it was entirely preventable. This crisis that is unfolding is the direct result of political decisions made by Joe Biden and his administration," Senator Cruz said.

The White House says that Homeland Security has a handle on the situation and that the sites are able to accommodate the minors that are there.

Also on Tuesday, members of Congress from the Texas Delegation will hold a press conference at the border.

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