Texas State University student was attacked on two separate occasions by same men

A student claims he was attacked by the same men on two different occasions. 

On Friday morning, students of Texas State University received a safety alert informing them of a recent attack on campus. The alert was referring to an attack that took place on Thursday, where the victim was allegedly robbed at knife point. 

The crime notification on the University Police Facebook page revealed that the victim had been attacked before. Earlier in the month, the victim was allegedly attacked by the same men on a differnt part of campus. This most recent confrontation included a third attacker. 

A University spokesperson says that administrators are reviewing security features on the campus and that a recent upgrade was being completed. “ Investment in enhanced lighting is an investment in the safety of our students, faculty, staff and guest.” said Eric Algoe, the Vice President for Finance and Support Services. 

According to a University news release, 282 new lights have been installed across campus, parking lots and the LBJ bus stop connected to the campus. It took about three to complete the $1.6 million lighting projects. 

Students believe that cameras should be the next upgrade on campus. 

“[It] would be better, if we had more cameras on campus to be safer ... More patrols at night, way more patrols. Yeah,” said Juan Pena, a student at the University. 

School officials could not say if cameras would be added to the campus.