Thieves steal purse, find keys, steal two vehicles in North Austin

A family in North Austin was at home in the middle of the day when two teens stole vehicles from their driveway and garage. 

“It was really quick. Really, really quick,” said Maya Mendivil, who shared surveillance video of the crime with FOX 7 Austin.  

It happened just after 4:30 p.m. Tuesday afternoon. Mendivil's father had just returned from work to switch from his work truck to his personal truck. Meanwhile, Mendivil’s mother was about to leave for work and had her SUV parked in the garage with her purse and workbag inside. 

“These kids followed my dad into the garage, saw that the car was unlocked and stole two bags out of my mom's car with the keys in them,” Mendivil said.  

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Five minutes later, the thieves returned with car keys from the stolen purse. This time they aimed for a much bigger prize. 

“It was a joy ride for them. They saw something, they're like, ‘Yeah, we get to rob these people, steal some money.’ When they didn't get the money, they stole the trucks,” said Mendivil.  

The Mendivils walked outside just 20 seconds after the suspects took off and immediately called police.  

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“Violated is what we all feel. In the house, we feel very unsafe and we've lived in this house, we've had this house for about 20 years and nothing like this has ever happened,” Mendivil said.  

Luckily, the truck had a lo-jack GPS system on it. DPS troopers and Austin police were able to track it down to a Walmart in South Austin hours later. At the scene, DPS told FOX 7 Austin, as a trooper approached the pickup, the suspect put it in reverse and hit another DPS car. 

The truck was recovered and the juvenile driver arrested. 

“We were like, ‘Yes, we're going to drive it. We got one back and we just need the other one.’ And they got there and it was completely totaled,” said Mendivil.  

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The next day police also located the missing SUV, which Mendivil said was abandoned. Although drivable, it was damaged and the inside completely trashed. 

“Basically used as an ashtray; cigarettes, weed, firecrackers,” Mendivil said.   

The Mendivils said it’s a good lesson for all drivers. 

“It takes two seconds and not even that. Just take your keys, take your stuff, don't leave anything in there. Even if you're going to work, take everything out, bring it into your house, lock everything and close your garage immediately and stand there and watch it,” said Mendivil.   

Mendivil said her family learned from officers that one of their stolen vehicles was also used in another car theft before it was located.