Three women arrested after using loaded handgun to scare victims

Three women have been arrested for allegedly breaking into an apartment with the intent to scare victims with a firearm. 

At approximately 3:41 a.m. on April 13, officers with the Austin Police Department responded to 601 Brushy Street for a call stating that three female subjects came into a home with guns. When police arrived on the scene, they found a black female with a knife in her hand chasing a black male around a vehicle who was carrying a gun.

Police ordered them to ground and to drop their weapons, both of them complied without incident. Police also observed another group of subjects nearby yelling at the two and separated them as well. 


According to a police affidavit, the four victims, two men and two women, were sleeping in a rented apartment when three suspects, later identified as 30-year-old Nina Thomas, 24-year-old Kayla Baham-Heisser, and 28-year-old Camish Garlow, broke in and confronted the male victims about sleeping with other women.

Garlow confronted one of the victims saying in part, "I'm going to beath this b***** a**!" and attempted to attack her before the male victim wrapped his arms around Garlow and removed her from the room.

Meanwhile, another suspect, Thomas, confronted the other two victims at gunpoint. Thomas entered the room the victims were staying in and pointed the gun at them. Thomas let the female victim leave the room to join the other female victim. 


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Video evidence from one of the suspects shows that Thomas then pointed the gun at the male's head from less than a foot away. The male victim then grappled with Thomas for the gun, at which point the affidavit said Thomas started to assault the male victim, striking him in the nose and groin.

Eventually, he was able to get the gun away from Thomas and ran outside. Thomas followed him with a knife and the two ran around the vehicle until police arrived. 

According to one of the suspect's testimony, Thomas, who is married to one of the victims, got into a fight with him the day before. The other male victim involved in this incident picked him up from their residence.

Thomas became suspicious of the male victim and logged into his Snapchat account. She saw videos of the victim with another woman. She also used Snapchat to track the location of the victims.

Thomas then grabbed the victim's handgun and called the other two suspects to join her. The police affidavit says Thomas' intent was to scare the victim, so she removed the magazine from the handgun and disengaged the safety before the assault began. 

Thomas was unaware that a bullet remained in the chamber.

For their actions, the three suspects were arrested.

Thomas was placed under arrest for Burglary of a residence with the intent to commit aggravated assault with a deadly weapon - family violence. Garlow was placed under arrest for burglary of a residence - family violence, and Baham-Heisser was placed under arrest for burglary of a residence. 

Nina Thomas

Camisha Garlow

Kayla Baham-Heisser