Tornado near Jarrell damages dozens of homes, businesses

Dozens of homes and businesses were damaged by a tornado overnight in Williamson County.

Most of the severe damage happened off County Road 237. Unfortunately, a handful of homes that were under construction collapsed.

"What we saw from the air today was at least three dozen homes or businesses that sustained light to severe damage," said Judge Bill Gravell, Williamson County Commissioners Court.

This was the third tornado to hit the Jarrell area in seven months. It tore down shingles from roofs, and knocked down fences. Kohen Jacobs’ property sustained some damage Monday night.

"It sounded like a train was going by, like not the horn, but a train," said Jacobs.

He watched pieces of his neighbors' roof fly down the street, along with his own gazebo.

"Stuff flying around and hitting other stuff," he said.


But what he was most worried about were his five chickens.

"I was like, you know something bad is happening, but you can’t put yourself in danger to make sure you just have to like hope," Jacobs said.

Not a single chicken flew the coop.

"Guess they knew what to do, they were scared, I guess they were a little shook up, but they’re alright," he said.

And so are all of Jacobs’ neighbors. Officials said no one was hurt in the storm, but still, for some, it brought back feelings about the deadly 1997 tornado that devastated the city.

If you have property damage, Williamson County officials are asking you report it at: