Traffic backups due to Hurricane Irma evacuations

People evacuating Florida got stuck in traffic Wednesday where the Turnpike and I-75 meet.

Brake lights and cars crawling were a common sight as folks rushed to get further away from Hurricane Irma’s potential path.

Anita Bliss, who was coming from Key West says she barely brought anything with her.

“A lot of us have been through a tremendous amount of hurricanes. I've been through them since 1982 and I've never ran from one. This is the first time ever that I'm running from one,” Bliss said.

She’s heading to Ocala. Others are making a longer trek.

“Our our plan is to head north up to around Atlanta and at least spend the night there and kind re-evaluate in the morning,” said Mark Mitchell of Boca Raton.

Tara Patterson is heading to Alabama after facing her second hurricane in a matter of weeks. She says her family moved from Corpus Christi to Fort Lauderdale around the same time Harvey hit. Now she’s packed up her van again and hit the road with her kids.

“They're doing good! I think they're so used to it now - we're just going with the flow,” Patterson said about her son and daughter.

Going with the flow will be key over the next few days as more people head out of Florida.

Some good news, the state has suspended toll fees and stopped construction in areas people need to use to evacuate.