Travis High School coach raises money for soccer team

Soccer season won’t officially start until January, but Travis High School head coach Marcos Quiroz is planning ahead of the season. 

Mr. Quiroz has started a fundraiser to purchase soccer gear for the rebel's soccer team. 

"There's a lot of opportunities that we can that I can get to the kids. And if it's that one, they donors choose is one of the best fundraising that we can do," said Quiroz.

When the rebels play against other schools Mr. Quiroz says there’s an obvious difference between the equipment and uniforms provided by other teams. 

"It’s really nice to wear something new. Yes. And these kids, they know it. And because, of course, like their resources, we don't we don't have much, but we do our best," said Quiroz.

Soccer isn't just a hobby for Mr. Quiroz. For him, it was a way to connect with other people with similar backgrounds.


"When I was in high school, I was the same as them. Uh, I started high school not knowing any English. So, I relate with a lot of people, a lot of students. They relate with me as well because I speak their native language," said Quiroz.

Mr. Quiroz says when he was in high school, his coach had a big impact on him. Now that he’s head coach at Travis High he wants to do the same for his students. 

 "I think it just comes more with a passion to help the kids, because whoever needs the opportunity is most of them, too, that make them realize that they there's opportunity there for them to grow and to make it understood. I think soccer and the athletics department here, it helps a lot of kids do that," said Quiroz.