Triathlete makes comeback after accident

Laurie Allen is back and stronger than ever after an accident in 2015 that left her a quadriplegic. 

Allen recently crossed the finish line at Jack's Generic Triathlon which was her first triathlon in nearly two and a half years. She's a nine time Iron Man finisher and was a triathlete for more than 15 years before her accident.

"When I was still in rehab, right after my accident, I believe that was the first time I said I would be back," Allen says.

Allen was left a quadriplegic but that didn't stop her love for racing. She's trained for more than a year to prepare for the race and she says she couldn't have done it alone.

"I've had friends who come and take me out every week on my bike, who put me on my track chair on the track, who help me get into the pool and learn how to swim again. So it's been a very large group effort to get me back to life and racing," Allen says.

The 15th Jack's Generic Triathlon, which is comprised of swimming, biking and running, took place at Lake Pflugerville with more than 700 participants.

Allen competed on a modified course of the sprint distance. She swam 300 meters, biked six miles and ran one mile using a hand cycle and racing chair.

Just like they supported her during her training her friends watched as Allen achieved her goal.