Truck slams into apartments

Nineteen people are forced out of their apartments after a truck slammed into their buildings Monday morning.

The living rooms of two apartments were fully exposed.

The walls were taken out when a truck came crashing through.

Fifteen year old Abril Mendoza was in her bedroom when it happened.

"I was close to the door and I heard a crashing sound and I bent on my knees because I didn't know what to do. So I checked on my brother and he was okay. Then I opened the door and I saw a big truck inside my house and I got freaked out because you never see that,” said Abril.

She said an elderly woman was inside the truck and she appeared to be unconscious.

A trail of debris lead to the service department of Henna Chevrolet across the street.

Employees tell Fox7 the woman brought her truck in that morning to be serviced and got into a loaner.

Austin Police said she stepped on the gas pedal sending the truck through a gate, across the street and into the apartment buildings.

A young resident had to be treated for shock. The driver was taken to a hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

"I got so scared," said Abril.

Once it was over, Abril's fear turned to sadness when she saw all of the damage.

"There were things broken in there that were important to me.  I lost things that were so important to me,” said Abril.

In all 19 people were affected, city code officers had to evacuate the top floors as well.  The Red Cross is working with them to provide shelter.

The driver will not be cited.