Truckers begin protesting Gov. Abbott's latest Texas-Mexico border directive

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott recently announced a new policy that brings additional inspection of commercial vehicles to the Texas-Mexico border in an effort to control the number of undocumented immigrants and drugs traveling into the U.S. 

However, many think the policy will only do harm by negatively impacting the delivery of goods into Texas, and possibly decreasing trucker wages and hours. Officials in Mexico are asking for the policy to end, as trade at the border has already begun showing signs of congestion since Abbott's announcement earlier this month. Truckers are also showing their distaste for the plan by protesting and creating blockades near the border. 

Jamarr Brown, Co-Executive Director of the Texas Democratic Party, as well as James Dickey, CEO of JD Key Communications, join FOX 7 Austin's Mike Warren to discuss Abbott's latest plan.

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