Two young children wander away from South Austin daycare

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Two children were nearly hit Thursday morning on West Stassney Lane after wandering away from their daycare.

Hector Alvardo sent FOX 7 photos of the two children. He tells us he used his truck to block traffic to escort the kids to safety.

The Austin Police Department says they got a call around 11 a.m. saying that someone reportedly driving a BMW slammed on their brakes when they saw the kids in the street.

The owner, who wasn't here at the time, tells us the Director called to let her know what had happened. She says they are in the initial stages of their investigation but says the kids managed to unlock several doors and get out of the fence.

For the past two years, according to DFPS' website, this daycare has had a clean record. The woman who owns it says nevertheless she is horrified that this happened to two of her kids.

"No amount of words. Nothing I can say to my parents to say how sorry I am and I realize in my heart of hearts that this could have ended up in a very tragic thing," said Elizabeth Kempf, co-owner of Austin South Christian Academy.

Parents are outraged by the incident but none of them would speak to FOX 7 reporter Elizabeth Saab on camera.

West Stassney Lane is a very busy street. The daycare is licensed for 86 kids so by law they can't be in a residential neighborhood which makes this a little more complicated.

Elizabeth Saab will take you inside and show you why because of the city's fire code, it's getting easier for this to happen to kids right under their teacher's noses. That's tonight on the FOX 7 News Edge.