Uber puts breathalyzer kiosks downtown

As day two of the Austin City Limits Music Festival wraps up, festival sponsor Uber is making sure everyone gets home safely using technology placed near bars downtown.

The ACL Festival is a time for good eats and plenty of live music.

“I actually came to the very first one fourteen years ago,” Sita Guillot, attendee, said.

Guillot grew up in Austin and has seen the festival grow before her eyes.

“It was only two days back then, and it's just a great experience,” she said.

To keep that experience great, Uber is placing breathalyzer kiosks along Sixth and Rainey Streets.

If you breathe into it and your blood alcohol content is above the legal limit, it will call an Uber car for you.They will also give you a $10 credit toward the ride. Others are also using creative transportation. 

“We're lucky to have the pedicabs. We just took the pedicab down from the hotel,” Guillot said.

People from all walks of life attend the event each year, like Debbie Lowe and her sons, Jagger,  John Taylor, and Jason Edge.

“We love live music, obviously, and naming our kids after musicians,” Debbie Lowe said.

Her family saw ACL as an opportunity to set an example.

“This is a way for them to give back and recycle. They end up getting free T-shirts,” she said.            

There seems to be a representation from many states and countries at the event.

“I have a few from South Dakota. Everybody is just coming together to have a good time and enjoy the music,” John Fagout, attendee, said.

As weekend one comes to a close, sponsors like Uber want to just make sure this year's ACL won't be someone's last.