*Update* Stolen vehicle found


A FOX 7 viewer spotted Skaggs' stolen car and reported it to police.

Skaggs called us late Thursday night to report the car had been located.

Meanwhile, you can find a complete list of the most stolen cars in Austin in the article below:

Jordan Skaggs, 34, walked outside Wednesday morning to take the trash out and realized his car was nowhere to be found.

"I drew a chalk outline of where my car used to sit on a regular basis and I wrote the word stolen. It's clearly stolen and no longer sitting here," said Skaggs.

His 1993 brown Honda Civic is gone and living on a tight budget he doesn't have the money to replace it.

"It's indescribable," said Skaggs who relies on his car to get to work in Round Rock. He isn't the only one to feel that way. In 2014 nearly 2,200 vehicles were stolen across Austin.

"A lot of the victims are traumatized because some of the vehicles are taken out of their drive ways because they haven't secured the vehicle. We try to help reunite them with their vehicle," said David Wright with APD's Auto Theft Unit.

Honda Accords topped the list of Austin's most popular stolen vehicles with Chevy and Ford trucks and SUV's following. Honda Civics, similar to Skaggs car, also round out the top ten list of popular cars for thieves.

"Most thieves are opportunistic. They are not going to confront people but they will take advantage of a situation a vehicle running or unlocked or one that has valuables openly displayed. They may take the items or the whole care," said Wright.

"Chances are they are either joy riding or it is sitting somewhere for parts," said Skaggs who is regularly checking Craigslist for any sign of his car.

"I just want my car back," said Skaggs.

Austin Police urge people to lock doors, remove valuables and never leave a running car unattended. The Auto Theft Unit has a 24-hour hotline to report any suspicious activity. The hotline number is 512-974-5096.