Urban Music Festival remembers bombing victim in musical tribute

The Urban Fest celebrates its thirteenth year with back to back performances from local artists and student musicians. A non-profit youth program called Soul Tree Collective honored 17-year-old Draylen Mason with a special musical tribute.

On March 5, a package bomb was addressed to mason’s home killing him and injuring his mother.

Mason is recognized in the musical community for his talent.

As an aspiring neurosurgeon, Mason was set to attend UT in the fall.

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His mentor Carlos Charles with Soul Tree Collective reflects back on their jam sessions fondly.
"I run up to him and he's jumping throwing his guitar around,” Charles said.“I was like yup he's doing it that's a rock star right there. He was an amazing young man and that's the memory that I want everyone to remember is Draylen because that's what he was, an amazing young man."

The group attended Mason's funeral and then geared up for their performance.

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Fellow band mate Kylie Phillips said the team was ready to honor him the best way they knew how, through music. "So this will be our first performance without him and so it's special for us because it is dedicated to him," Phillips said.

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Soul Tree Collective performed derval songs and at the end they played Mason's favorite while they placed his bass guitar in the middle of the stage.