UT Football film taking the big screen nationwide this weekend

The eyes of Texas and the nation will be on the University of Texas football program this weekend. This as the heroic story of a UT football player is hitting the big screen nationwide.

The movie is about Freddie Steinmark. In his short time at Texas, he became a hero, and a legend in Austin.

The movie called “My All American” was filmed in Austin, and funded by University of Texas alumni.

Actor Finn Wittrock stepped into the role of Freddie.

“I want them to feel everything, I want them to be happy, I want them to feel terrified and sad and root for the team and win and cry and laugh. I am very ambitious in what I want my audience to have,” Wittrock said.

Freddie back in the 1960s was deemed too small to play football, until he caught the eye of legendary UT Coach Darrell Royal. The movie has all the makings of a big Hollywood film from courage, football, the heroic undersized player, and a tragic diagnosis.

“I think he honestly just really loved what he did, and he wasn't trying to preach and be the perfect person. He just lived life the way he thought it should be lived and he faced the hardest thing a person could possibly face,” said Wittrock.

Actress Sarah Bolger plays Freddie’s fiancé.

“His story really spoke to me, because first of all it's a true story of this wonderful human, who I would have loved to have met. I am really proud of this movie and I am excited for everyone to see it," she said. 

One thing all the actors say they felt while filming, the Texas Longhorn spirit. Actor Hector Becerra plays one of the conditioning coaches.

“It's a time in the University of Texas where you know, you had heart, tenacity, everything you want dedication, it was there, you could even feel it on set,” he said. “Hook’em horns every day, are you kidding? I would be in Texas if I didn't.” 

The movie premieres nationwide Friday, Nov.13.