Vanessa Guillen's family meets with officials to discuss investigation

The Guillen family met with several military officials Tuesday to discuss new findings in the investigation into the death and harassment of Vanessa Guillen.

Vanessa Guillen was stationed at Fort Hood when she was murdered on post by a fellow soldier on April 22, 2020. Her family also says Guillen was sexually harassed.

Since then, her family and lawyer have been trying to get answers as to who is responsible and what actions are being taken towards those people. Tuesday, they met with several military officials to discuss what the investigation has revealed.

"Last year, when Fort Hood had conducted an investigation, they said that Vanessa was never sexually harassed, and, Today, I thank General Murray for being honest and having integrity and investigating that she was sexually harassed. That speaks volumes," said Natalie Kwaham, attorney for the Guillen family.

During the meeting, she says military officials would not disclose who harassed Vanessa, but did say they still have not been removed from the Army because they are awaiting a hearing.

"Justice for Vanessa would be getting rid of those people who harmed her, who harassed her, who assaulted her. Those persons are still in the Army and that's not acceptable," said Kwaham.

U.S. Rep. Sylvia Garcia (D-Houston) has been an active supporter of the Guillen family and attended the meeting. She says she believes a lot of work still needs to be done.

"We're very encouraged that steps are being taken in a couple of areas already and things are moving and being implemented in Fort Hood, but it's still not enough," said Garcia.

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