Veterans to be honored during ceremony in Georgetown for Veterans Day

Veterans are being honored at a Veterans Day ceremony in Georgetown

The event, which is free and open to the public, is being held at Georgetown-Williamson County Veterans Memorial Plaza on 2 Texas Drive at 11 a.m. on Thursday, November 11.

The guest speaker during the event is Fort Hood’s senior enlisted officer Command Sgt. Major Arthur "Cliff" Burgoyne Jr., whose service in the Army includes three deployments to Iraq and three to Afghanistan. All veterans attending will be recognized and several veterans are also participating in the program.

The Eastview High School band, orchestra, and choir will provide music beginning at 10:45 a.m. 

If you plan to attend, organizers say parking is available at the Sun City Social Center at 2 Texas Drive and across the street at the Activities Center at 1 Texas Drive. The Sun City Community Association will serve refreshments on the Social Center patio after the ceremony. 

700 folding chairs will be placed at the memorial for event seating. 

Guests also may bring a folding chair and sit at the plaza under the trees.

FOX is also supporting veterans and U.S.VETS

U.S.VETS launched its campaign called "Make Camo Your Cause" to establish the camouflage print as the official symbol to honor its veterans.

"Camo was designed to conceal and protect our soldiers in combat. Today, in America we wear camouflage to stand out from the crowd and to demonstrate our patriotism and pride," the organization wrote. "With your support, #HONORUSVETS will give camo a new meaning, showing the community you believe our veterans deserve every opportunity to live with dignity and independence."

The organization encourages employees and customers to wear camo clothing and share their message on Veterans Day.

How to get involved

FOX Corporation and its employees are working with U.S.VETS to support their "Make Camo Your Cause" campaign by spreading awareness to the campaign and wearing camo to support the cause on Veterans Day.

In order to bring visibility and awareness to the campaign, FOX is asking businesses to purchase apparel from U.S.VETS online shop and wear camo with U.S.VETS this Veterans Day and post on social media using #HONORUSVETS. U.S.VETS is also looking for volunteers in the fight against veteran homelessness.

"If you are compassionate, hardworking, or just looking for a way to give back to the community, volunteering at a U.S.VETS location would be a rewarding experience for you," U.S.VETS wrote.

The national nonprofit relies on corporate and community support to help reach its goal through partnerships including direct financial contributions, employee giving and matching gifts, campaigns, grants and employee volunteer engagement.

In addition, employers can "hire a vet" through the U.S.VETS Career Network, which connects professional and student veterans with lasting careers they love. 

Donations to the organization can also be made on its website

U.S.VETS is the largest nonprofit organization with boots on the ground to combat America’s veteran homeless crisis head-on. Its comprehensive approach provides housing, counseling, career and supportive services to help U.S. veterans rebuild and thrive.

The organization has 32 sites across 11 regional locations in California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, Texas, and Washington D.C. and offers temporary and permanent housing solutions and comprehensive services to veterans and their families nationwide.

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