Vets now allowed to care for animals through telemedicine

Last week the FDA announced they’re temporarily easing restrictions on veterinarians to allow them to more easily use telemedicine to treat pets during the coronavirus pandemic.

The federal agency suspended rules which require vets to physically examine pets, allowing them to prescribe drugs with a video examination. 

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Telemedicine has played a big part in health services during the global pandemic, and care for your beloved animals is not exempt. 

Zippivet, which has four locations in central Texas, is one of many vet clinics in the state that’s working to change how your pets are taken care of. They recently announced they’re offering telemedicine consults to clients and their extended community. 

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If you have a question or concern about your pet you can call from the safety and privacy of your home. 

Zippivet listed concerns that would be suitable for telemedicine visits, which includes but isn’t limited to allergies, coughing, sneezing, stressed or anxious pets, URI signs, dermatology, external parasites like fleas ticks and lice, upset stomach and intestinal parasites, general wellness advice, hospice care, lameness evaluations, medication refills, nutritional counseling and post-surgical care. 

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Consultation fees are $59, and Zippivet says not all ailments are good fits for telemedicine but they’re here to provide “teletriage”. 
Coverage is limited to working hours. Anyone interested in the service can call 512-482-8897 or email 

Zippivet has offices in Hutto, Kyle, near downtown, and north Austin. 


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