Victim recovering following shooting spree in South Austin

A mother of three is out of the hospital and is on the road to recovery after a shooting spree that happened last week in South Austin. Police were able to arrest the suspect identified as  29-year-old Charles Curry and charge him with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The victim, Sandra Erica Leon, was shot while driving her car sat down with FOX 7 Austin for an exclusive interview. 

"There was blood on all of my face when it happened to me I couldn't see," recounts Leon. 

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Leon said she's still in shock and hasn't had the strength to leave her home since the shooting happened. "To remember what could of happened to my children and what happened to me is very ugly a trauma very ugly. To remember it all the nights..I can't sleep. I feel very bad," said Leon.  

The mother of three was on her way to a grocery store in South Austin around 2 p.m. Wednesday with her children when the unimaginable happened. A bullet entered her vehicle grazing her in the forehead just barely missing her left eye. "I felt like there was water on my face. I hadn't realized that I was full of blood when my kids saw me.  They screamed at me strongly 'mommy you have lots of blood on your face,' and in that moment I touched my face and I thought they had thrown a bottle or rock at me I don't know. Nothing came to mind," said Leon.  

All this while her three children including baby sat buckled in the car. 

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"I could have lost my life there and my kids be alone. That person didn't think of the pain that he caused me or my children my family," said Leon. 

Last Wednesday, Curry was taken into custody by the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force at the Post South Lamar Apartments. Police believe Curry went on a shooting spree after allegedly killing Christian Meroney. Saturday with her wound still fresh, Leon sat in her home with her children at her side still trying to make sense of the attack. 

"I have a second opportunity to be with my children and move forward. My children need me and that's what makes me strong," said Leon. Leon said now she's working to heal internally and move forward. She said it brings her comfort to know Curry is no longer on the streets. "I thank god they caught him because what happened to me could happen to another person or a child baby," said Leon. 

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Police said Curry could also be facing additional murder charges following the death of Meroney.