Video captures truck crashing into north Austin home

Surveillance video captured the moment a truck crashed into a north Austin home, leaving a giant hole in the garage and living room.

Aaron Henderson was returning from the gym when he found a truck in his house.

“There were bricks all the way into the kitchen and the garage is trashed. Luckily it's just material and nothing physical,” Henderson said. “I kind of walked up really slowly and thought the worst about my house and anybody that got hurt, it was scary.”

No one was home at the time and Henderson said he was told by police it was a road rage incident.

In the surveillance video, a car slowed down to turn left when another car and the truck try to pass it on the wrong side of the road. The truck clipped the turning car and barreled right into Henderson’s home. 

“I can't imagine what they were trying to do to the other vehicle but it was just shocking to see that plow into your house,” said Henderson. “They boarded off half the house and I’m kind of living in the back now.” 

Henderson said reckless driving can be common in the area and hopes something is done to make the area safer. 

“It's bad, there are kids who cross the street here for school and school buses drop off so it's just scary,” said Henderson.

Despite what has happened, Henderson is staying optimistic. 

“It's going to be a hassle for me for 4 to 5 weeks but I’m hoping to get it back to tip top shape because I like this place,” said Henderson.

For now, he plans to continue living in the other half of his home. Henderson said his neighborhood has been very supportive of him during this time.

The Austin Police Department is currently investigating.