Walmart employees unite 64 year-old love letter with family

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It's still a mystery how this love letter from 1954 ended up on the floor at a Dalton Walmart. The note was written by a military man named Max, asking for his sweetheart's hand in marriage.

"It was discovered, it's been about three weeks," said Jennifer Hendrix, Walmart Associate. Hendrix says her fellow associate, a National Guard member, found the letter on the floor.  

The coworkers made it their mission, to try and find a rightful owner.

The pair turned to local media. After a story aired on a local Chattanooga television station, a tip came in that led Hendrix to contact Jason Holcomb - believed the grandson of Max.

"I sent him a message through Facebook that he didn't receive, the message I got back from him immediately was - can you call me? And he left his phone number, and I was very nervous, shaken" Hendrix added. 

"It just blew my mind, my hair stood up on my neck, and I thought surely not," Holcomb said. 

Its writer and recipient have since passed, but Jason now holds an intimate part of their past - a part of their story, and his story, that he never knew was written.

A promise of love and devotion kept for 64 years. the words now in safe keeping, thanks to some good neighbors.

Jason considers it his miracle on aisle 6.