WATCH: Groom's 'boy band' moves puts Backstreet Boys to shame

Courtesy of Miranda Marrs Photography 

This groom's surprise dance to his bride will have you dying with laughter! 

The video posted to Facebook on Tuesday by Miranda Marrs Photography has already exploded with more than 58,000 shares and 30,000 likes. 

The groom, Hunter Heinrich, and his groomsmen surprised his bride, Lexi, with a hilarious choreographed dance that included Chris Brown's Forever, Destiny's Child Bootylicious, and Boyz II Men I'll Make Love To You. 

"The DJ informed me when we were going over the reception timeline that there was a "fake" newlywed game he was going to start, but it would go into a surprise dance by Hunter and his groomsmen. I'm a photographer, but they didn't have a videographer on hand, so I decided split decision to film her initial reaction," said Miranda Marrs to FOX 46 Charlotte. "The dancing QUICKLY turned epic." 

We're so glad you did!