Watch parties held across Austin to watch Astros in World Series

Astros fans that could not make it to the World Series game in Houston held their own watch parties across the Austin area. 

"Astros the World Series! We couldn't ask for a better night," said Ryan Wright, a server at Haymaker.

Astros fans piled into Haymaker in East Austin to watch the first game of the World Series.

"I just wanted to enjoy the World Series with my friends and outside of my place and just really get a feel of being at the World Series, but not actually being in Houston. It's just really, really exciting to come back for a third time in the past few years," said Dina Canlas, an Astros fan.

For employees at Haymaker, it felt good to see everyone together to enjoy the game. "It's really nice that everyone's kind of coming together again and coming out for sports and events like this. Last year was so different from this year, so it's just a lot of fun that everyone's kind of coming back together and feeling normal again," said Hailey Burroughs, front of house manager at Haymaker.

The place was packed with Astros fans, but there were a few brave souls.

"I grew up a Braves fan since I was a kid," said Ruben Valdez, a Braves fan.

Valdez was one of the few people at the watch party cheering for Atlanta.

"Well that's interesting because I was in Atlanta the last six years so I was in my element, but now being back here is, it's going to be a little different. I’m looking forward to the back and forth with the fans and, you know, hopefully, we can prevail," said Valdez.

It is only game one and fans hope it will be a good series.

"I want to go all the way. Let's win this," said DeAna Ortiz, an Astros fan.

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