WCRAS asking for help reducing shelter capacity by adoption, fosters

The Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter is asking the public to help reduce the shelter’s capacity through adoption and fostering.

The shelter says it is reaching an over-capacity status for cats and dogs alike.

Interested adopters can help the shelter make space through adoption, including free adoptions for cats and kittens with an appointment or $5 without an appointment. 

Now through Sunday, July 25, medium and large adult dogs are only $5 to adopt with an appointment or $20 without an appointment, says WCRAS.

"WCRAS counts on the community to lend a hand when we reach capacity, and now is one of those times," said community programs coordinator April Peiffer. "We are over capacity for both dogs and cats, and we need to make space so we can continue to provide the level of care the community expects for the shelter pets. Adopters and fosters can help us continue our lifesaving mission."

Residents can see the available pets online and then send an email to adoption@wilco.org to schedule a priority-service appointment with one of the adoption matchmakers.

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