Wilco deputy caught playing freeze tag with neighborhood kids

Abby, Wyatt, Riley and Parker love to play freeze tag. The game takes a bit of speed, agility and endurance to keep up with these kiddos.

Tips Deputy Joey Diaz learned firsthand Wednesday.

Diaz was conducting a traffic stop when he noticed the kids playing. He waved at them and when he drove up to approach them, they ran away. "When they ran off I asked hey what's going on they said they were scared of police," Diaz said. "There's so much negativity out there that our perception to the youth is sometimes negative and so I wanted to show that we are just as normal as everybody else."

It wasn't the badge that scared 11-year-old Wyatt Dimitt he said he gets shy around new people. To break the ice, Deputy Diaz asked the kids to teach him how to play freeze tag.

Not only could Deputy Diaz hang according to the kids, he was actually pretty good.

"It took me forever to get him cause he was very fast also,” Dimitt said.

Still he was no match for the speed racers.

"I did not win...I think they kind of teamed up on me," Diaz chuckled.

However, he did win over the hearts of the kids and their parents. Rylie’s mother Stevie Duncan said she was grateful her daughter was able to see law enforcement in a positive light. "She was just elated she was bouncing off the wall she's been telling everyone since Wednesday. Anyone who could listen she's been telling them,” said Duncan.

Diaz also taught Wyatt a thing or two. "I think he's a kind hearted person and people should like him,” Dimitt said. "Police officers are some of the people who are here to protect us and they want to keep us safe at all costs."

Once everyone was smiling and out of breath, Deputy Diaz handed out high fives, deputy badges and a game the kids will never forget.                



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