Williamson County judge promises more job announcements to come

Georgetown's square was buzzing with holiday activity Wednesday. Clint Teders was watching his kids at play when FOX7 asked what he was thankful for this season.

"Family, I'm thankful I have a house, thankful I have a job, yeah there is always a lot to be thankful for," said Teders.

In a way Christmas has come early to Williamson County as Samsung officially selected Taylor for its new facility. County Judge Bill Gravell was still celebrating when he spoke to FOX 7 Wednesday.

"You know, I think yesterday was perhaps the most important day in the history of Williamson County, Texas, and perhaps even the most important day in the history of Texas when it comes to economic development," said Gravell.

Transforming farm land from corn and cotton to computer chips is not just about creating thousands of jobs according to Gravell.

"And the one thing that I learned through the global pandemic and the one thing that I learned through a snowstorm is it's hard to get stuff in the middle of a crisis. I want a semiconductor manufacturing plant in our community that produces the chips that protect our community and protect our nation," said Gravell.

Small infrastructure jobs like a sidewalk improvement project will become much larger. Gravell told FOX7 Samsung has deals with private companies to provide water and electricity. Road expansion is also already in the works.

"The residents will have no impact whatsoever with the water. Wastewater, electric and road projects that are affiliated with Samsung," promised Gravell.

The promise of new jobs provides local businesses with hope, as the COVID-19 pandemic lingers on.  Cecilia Oldre got a job at a store on the town square six months ago.

"I came before the pandemic and I saw how it leveled off, now it's on a rise, it's beautiful to see and to be part of the progress," said Oldre.

Williamson County is on an economic development roll. The list of companies that have recently located or announced they are coming include:

  • Apple
  • Kalahari Resorts
  • Shop LC
  • Cangshan Cutlery
  • Dell Children's Hospital
  • Perfect Game
  • U.S. Tennis Association

A look at the Commissioner's Court agenda provides a list of more projects, each with a secret code name. Gravell revealed to FOX7 that Project Winston is Samsung, using the name of Gravell’s dog for the secret desgination. 

The judge was a little more cagey when asked if any of the others might be a Disney resort; that possibility has sparked several new rumors recently.

"Well, I can't answer for the Disney Corporation and what they're going to do. I also can't comment on what might be or what might not be economic development projects that are coming to the region," said Gravell.

With a widening grin he added, "And who knows, maybe there are more amusement and activities in the days ahead that add to the quality of life for Williamson County residents."

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